Issues surrounding the relationship between immigration, race, personal identity, and the public could not be more important than in today’s hostile political environment. With the help of mainstream media, questions and debates concerning these topics collapse into shouting matches between news pundits or five second sound bites taken out of context. The constant name calling and inability to listen to each other has distracted from the fact that flesh and blood human beings are at the center of this failure to communicate.  People who have travelled across continents and oceans with doubts and dreams. Individuals with skin colors from all spectrums that carry a certain life perspective. And people who want to live with an identity free of struggle. We as a public in the United States owe it to ourselves and to each other to understand immigration, race, and identity issues in a way that promotes learning and the sharing of knowledge. And this site and its authors believe strongly that history and historical writing can help in this mission to create better citizens and better human beings.

Within this site are four separate tabs that address the issues just mentioned:  Immigration History, Public History, Race and Identity, and Race and Social Movements. Within each section are several webpages that use history to inform their subject matter. By clicking the name of each tab you will be given a general description of the information making up that section and by clicking the author’s name you will be directed to their site. The Further Reading page will provide you with all the peer-reviewed scholarship used in the construction of each site. Please leave any informed comments you wish for that is the start of any true dialogue.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past” said the writer William Faulkner. It is the core belief of this website and its creators that history was not just lived, but continues to live in the questions and debates we have in the present.