Immigration History

The three sites within this tab try to understand the immigration history of different migrant groups within certain regions and time frames.  Important for each of the authors is the use of historical scholarship to help inform questions and debates relating to each of their immigration based topics. Anthony Padovano’s “A Threat and A Blessing” deals with Irish and German immigration to Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the 1800’s in the hopes of using these migrant experiences to provide a better context for today’s modern day immigration issues. Rayma Swayamprakash’s “Stale off the Boat” uses the history of Asian Indian immigration to the U.S. and Canada to enlighten the public on the reasons for Indian migration and how race is a key part of this movement going into the present day. Sean Wright’s “A History Lost?” connects the history of Hungarian immigration in the Delray area of Detroit during the turn of the twentieth century to modern day urban renewal efforts in the city. It is each author’s hope that every person who comes across these stories will be more historically informed about immigration and can use that knowledge in the present.